15 upcoming Features in Minecraft 1.20

Again Mojang bringing some awesome and amazing features in Minecraft through 1.20 update, and here are the 15 upcoming Features in Minecraft 1.20.

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft Is Most Popular Online Games In since 2018. Minecraft is a video game it is a game with no specific goal you can do whatever you need to do. The game is one of the most adventurous game one the internet to play.

In Minecraft there is endless game mods ore available for you. If you get bored of one mod you can play different and enjoy the experience.

15 upcoming Features in Minecraft 1.20

When Minecraft 1.20 update is coming out?

The expected release date for Minecraft 1.20 update is January 2023. You will get some exciting features after installing Minecraft 1.20 update.

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15 upcoming Features in Minecraft 1.20

  1. Bamboo wood set
  2. Bamboo wood
  3. Hanging sign board
  4. Bamboo fences
  5. camel
  6. Bamboo planks
  7. sniffer
  8. raft
  9. bamboo stairs
  10. new skins
  11. chiseled bookshelf
  12. New bedrock UI
  13. Fix mob spawning
  14. Bamboo doors
  15. Bamboo slab

Bamboo wood set

In the upcoming Minecraft 1.20 update Mojang going to introduce us with new Bamboo wood block. and we can make many different structures and things using the bamboo block.

Bamboo wood

we are going to see new type of wood in upcoming 1.20 update, and you know that much, Bamboo wood block going to change looks of structures in Minecraft, and this block going to be my favourite wood block in Minecraft.

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15 upcoming Features in Minecraft 1.20

Hanging sign board

Solving the ever lasting problem of not finding the right place to put your sign, the hanging signs can be hug on any block. Yow can place them on the side and even the bottom of the blocks. You no longer have to put them on the ground.

Bamboo fences

With the new bamboo wood block, we are also going to see bamboo wood fences like any other blocks in Minecraft. in simple words we have a new type of fences in our game.

15 upcoming Features in Minecraft 1.20


Minecraft is bringing camels, to game. they are one of the largest mobs in the game, and you will out of the reach of hostile mobs while riding it at night time. When Tamed two players can ride one camel at the same time.

Bamboo planks

We also going to see new bamboo wood planks in the game. Like any other planks Bamboo plank going to looks amazing and you can craft new item called raft. its a boat like item in Minecraft.

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Mojang held voting for the new mob. And the winner of the voting is sniffer with over 50% votes. And is coming to the game with the next update. This mob will also feature a baby version, opening more breeding possibilities for players.

15 upcoming Features in Minecraft 1.20


Mojang bringing raft in Minecraft, you can make raft using new bamboo blocks. They work like Boats in Minecraft but are more open looking in appearance. personally i like this item in the game, what about you?

bamboo stairs

Again we are going to see new type of stairs in the game, players can make this stairs using new bamboo block.

new skins

If you are bored with Steve and Alex skin, Then cheer up Mojang Bringing New skins in Minecraft with new 1.20 update. With this update you are going to have many skins you can choose any you like.

chiseled bookshelf

New item is coming with Minecraft 1.20 update, and it`s called chiseled bookshelf. Chiseled bookshelves are blooks that can hold books, books and quills, written books, and enchanted books.

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New bedrock UI

Cheer up guys, Mojang Bringing New bedrock UI for us. This is the brand new UI for bedrock edition. we have old bedrock UI and Pocket UI, but sad thing is that we are not getting new Pocket UI.

Fix mob spawning

With new Minecraft 1.20 update Mojang fixing mob spawning problems and issues.

Bamboo doors

In Minecraft 1.20, we can craft brand new door of bamboo planks, with this update we have one more door in our game.

Bamboo slabs

If you are getting bored with our old Minecraft slabs, then here is new type of slab is coming in the game, Bamboo slabs you can create this using bamboo planks.

This are the 15 upcoming Features in Minecraft 1.20.

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