Hello Minecraft Launcher

Hello Minecraft Launcher is Launcher which allows you to play Minecraft java edition on android, Hello Minecraft Launcher is similar to Pojav Launcher. But more lag free and better.

Is Hello Minecraft Launcher free?

Yes! Hello Minecraft Launcher is totally free for it`s all users, you can download and use hello minecraft launcher on you android device whenever you like.

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Hello Minecraft launcher vs Pojavlauncher

If you are wondering which Minecraft launcher is better for you, Here is difference between Hello Minecraft Launcher and Pojav launcher!

Hello Minecraft Launcher is lot more lag free and stable than pojav launcher. Pojavlauncher is best launcher to run java edition on android but as you can know that it is very laggy and have lots of bugs and issues.

You can directly install optifine in hello minecraft launcher and play every Minecraft version you like, But Pojavlauncher is one step behind you cannot get this feature in pojavlauncher.

To play with optifine in pojav launcher you have to download resource pack from outside and install in it after that you can play with optifine.

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Is Hello Minecraft Launcher is safe?

Let`s make one thing clear that the Hello Minecraft Launcher is a Chinese application. Its depends on you, if you want to play java edition on android then this launcher is best option for you. Hello Minecraft Launcher Can easily run on low end devices like, 2gb/3gb/4gb Ram android Mobile Phones.

Minimum requirements to run Hello Minecraft launcher

There is no specific Requirements to run Hello Minecraft launcher, if you have Mobile Phone with 2gb ram or more you can easily use Hello Minecraft launcher on you device and play Minecraft java edition on android.

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Personally, I use hello Minecraft launcher to play Minecraft java edition on my android device and it works well. If you want to play too than click the Blue Hello Minecraft launcher Button.


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