How to Download Invisible Button in Minecraft

If you Play Minecraft on Mobile, Than you have to use Inbuilt Buttons to play Minecraft. There are few, who does not like the Minecraft Button and they want to hide them. For that you can use Minecraft button hider addon for Minecraft pocket edition. This article covers How to Download Invisible Button in Minecraft.

Button Hider For Minecraft Pe

There are many addons and resource pack, which allow you to change many Minecraft features. And Button hider is one of them, This addon is a resource pack which allows you to hide your Minecraft button.

Download sodium for Minecraft pe 1.19

How to Download Invisible Button in Minecraft

To Download this addon you have to click the download button, which you find at the end of this article.

How to use Button hider Addon

  1. just download the Addon from the link
  2. extract the addon (resource pack)
  3. add in your Minecraft  game
  4. open your Minecraft game
  5. go to your global resource option
  6. then apply your resource pack (activate)
  7. after that open your world
  8. you will see that your Button is hidden in the game

Does Button Hider affects advancement 

Button hider is a resource pack and does not off your advancement of your Minecraft.

This addon works in Minecraft 1.17, 1.18, 1.19 and the above versions.

Button Hider