How To Make Iron Farm In Minecraft 1.19 Bedrock Edition

How To Make Iron Farm In Minecraft 1.19

How To Make Iron Farm In Minecraft 1.19 Bedrock Edition


Iron is one of the most valuable minerals in Minecraft as it can be used to craft iron armor and tools in the early phase of any survival worlds. Iron armor is the third-best kind in the game, which adds up to 15 defense points to players health.

Getting iron in Minecraft is pretty easy as they are commonly found in underground areas. for Mining iron ore, Players need a stone pickaxe, iron, diamond, netherite pickaxe.

The best way for players to get iron in large amounts is by making automatic iron farm. How Players can Make Iron Farm in Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

How To Make Iron Farm In Minecraft 1.19


To make an efficient iron farm, choose a spot at least 150 blocks away from a village is can maximize the golem spawn rate. Know I am going the tell you How To Make Iron Farm In Minecraft 1.19

The following items required to build an easy iron farm in bedrock edition.

  • 5 building blocks or more
  • 20 beds
  • 20 villagers
  • few hoppers depends on which farm your making
  • 2 chest
  • 1.5 stacks of glasses
  • water bucket
  • 1 lava bucket
  • 9 buttons or more
  • 9 sign board
  • 20 villager work station like cartography table
  • 2 or more stacks leaves

Steps for building iron farm

Collection system (Image via Mojang)
(Image via Mojang)

 Step 1

Make a 3×3 platform using eight any building blocks, And leave a hole in one corner.

Step 2

Dig a 2x2x2 hole under the gap in platform.

Step 3

Place a Double Chest and connect a hopper to chest right under the hole. above the hopper players need to place a campfire.

Lava pit (Image via Mojang)
(Image via Mojang)

Step 4

Place a button above the campfire on the platform as shown.

Step 5

Make a three-block high glass wall around the building blocks as shown above.

Step 6

Place buttons and a sign board in the middle of the chamber as done in the above image. Then place a lava with lava bucket on the sign.

Step 7

Place water inside the glass chamber on the opposite side of the campfire.

Flowing water platform (Image via Mojang)
(Image via Mojang)

Step 8

Build a 19×19 platform above the chamber and place water on the edges as shown. Make a 7×7 platform above the killing chamber with 3×3 hole in the center. Place the beds on the platform and the remove the temporary layer.

Step 9

Make a 9×3 platform in the middle of the edge platform on one side. then make a 2 block high wall in each corner.

Add fletching tables (Image via YouTube/OinkOink)
(Image via YouTube/OinkOink)


Step 10

Place all 20 Villager work station (fetching table). use glass to fill last side of wall. Players need to get 10-20 villagers inside these walls. you can also breed villager to get new baby villagers and wait until they grow into bigger villagers.

Cover the top of villager chamber using slabs. So they stay safe from lightning strike during thunder storm.

This Iron Farm Know Ready To Give Iron Ingots To Players.

This Farm will spawn many golems, eventually falling into killing chamber and dying from lava. the iron will then be collected in the chest. and in 15 minutes, players can get around 110 iron ingots.

Iron Farm World


this farm work in Mcpe = yes

this farm work in 1.18 = yes

this farm work in java edition = yes