How To Play Pokemon Unite

Pokemon unite is a free to play, Multiplayer online battle arena video game. Pokemon Unite Made for android and IOS By Pokemon Company. And you can also play Pokemon unite on Nintendo switch. How to play pokemon unite

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What is Pokemon Unite

Pokemon unite is a free to play, Multiplayer online battle arena video game. Pokemon unite allows players to participate in 5v5 matches as they control their own pokemon. Teams can work together to build unstoppable compositions, and players can destroy the enemy with new moves as their Pokemon levels up during matches.

How to Play Pokemon unite

You can play Pokemon unite on you android and IOS device, Just download Pokemon unite Game from Play store. Pokemon unite is totally free for everyone.

First you have to Create an account to play Pokemon unit, You can use google account, Nintendo, or Facebook.

After you created your account for pokemon unite, Than complete game tutorial you will learn many things from it. like control, pokemon moves, unite moves, etc.

The Basics of Pokemon Unite

Pokemon unite is a fast paced MOBA where teams of five face off in an arena. Each team must collect Aeos Energy, which is collected from killing wild Pokemon and enemy players. Each team must score aeos energy in an enemy goal. the team with highest score at the end of 10 minute match wins the game.

the map divided into two sections, The map features an upper path and the lower path and the wild area in the center of the map.

First goal zone is destroyed after 80 points are scored, And second one is destroyed after 100 points scored. Teams must maintain a balance between attacking and scoring, defending their goal zone.

fighting alone is not recommended as multiple enemies can easily overwhelm alone player.

pokemon unite

How to play Pokemon unite with pokemons

Best Pokemon For you

Players can choose from five different classes

  • All rounder
  • Defender
  • Attacker
  • Speedster
  • Supporter

Each class assists their team in a special way.

All Rounder Pokemon

All rounder Pokemon are an excellent choice for a new players.  These Pokemon have balanced Offence and Endurance skills and are excellent fighters. However they do struggle to support their teammates.


As the name suggest Defender Mostly defends our goal zone, defenders have high endurance and are excellent at protecting their teammates and goal. they are usually incapable of dealing massive damage.


Attackers have low endurance but excel at ranged attacks. Player can deal massive damage from a safe distance with attackers. but players cannot escape easily with these Pokemon.


Speedster Pokemon can move quickly and easily, their high mobility makes them the perfect choice for quick attacks and scoring points.

Support Pokemon

Last but not least are supporter Pokemon. these pokemon can heal teammates and debuff oponents, creating easy targets. These Pokemon not for frontline, so make sure to hide behind an ally.

part of the fun is figuring out which pokemon matches your playstyle.

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Special Items

Players can use special items with their Pokemon, These are currently two types of items in pokemon unite

  • Held Items
  • Battle Items

Battle items provide buffs to your pokemon in battle or debuffs to opponents. Only one battle items can be equipped at a time.

Held items provide consistent buffs to your pokemon in a match. Players can level up held items using Enhancers found in the shop.

Both types of items can be found in the battle prep menu. more battle items are unlocked as your trainer level increases.