How to use Complementary Shaders in 1.19/1.18

If you are a Minecraft Player, you may know that Minecraft is a great game. But it lacks in graphics, So i am going to tell you How to use Complementary Shaders in 1.19/1.18

Complementary is one of the most popular shaders in Minecraft Community. Complementary shaders v4 is a Minecraft java edition shaders pack based on Capt Tatsu “BSl shaders”.

AS you know Minecraft is a pixelated Sandbox game, because of the pixel many new players does not like the game. But not to worry there are many shaders to fix that, and complementary shaders is one of them. Complementary shaders completely looks of Minecraft, it adds so many new features in the game.

How to use Complementary Shaders in 1.19/1.18

The goal of complementary shaders is to being good in everything, complementary shaders is the perfect shaders to improve Minecraft graphics and performance. Although it improves little bit of everything.

This shaders is made to upgrade your Minecraft game with new visuals and make them look amazing. utilizing theĀ  many features if vanilla complementary shaders pack upgrades the games with new features, Like beautiful skies, thick fog, glowing effects, ETC.

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In shorts, complementary shaders does a great job to influence atmospheric changes into the Minecraft game without effecting great performance levels on your PC.


How to use Complementary Shaders in 1.19/1.18

follow the steps to play with complementary shaders:

  1. Download or install Minecraft first
  2. Run Minecraft in Minecraft launcher
  3. setup Minecraft games profile and the version you want to run
  4. Download or install Optifine
  5. Open Minecraft launcher and select the newly created optifine
  6. Download the complementary shaders from download section
  7. Launch Minecraft
  8. For optifine go to the > options > video settings > shaders folder
  9. Put complementary shader you downloaded into Minecraft shaders pack folder
  10. and open the game
  11. In the games select the complementary shaders from list and click done.
  12. And boom you all done.




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