Minecraft 1.19.41 New Hotfix Update

Mojang has delivered Minecraft update 1.19.41 changelog subtleties for ps4, pc, switch and Xbox players. In this Minecraft 1.19.41 New Hotfix Update Mojang fixed many bug and glitch in Minecraft.

Mojang fixed issue like hordes, commercial center, and interactivity issue and more. Plus, Minecraft Bedrock update 1.19.41 additionally incorporates bug fixes and updrages.

Before, the 1.19.41 update Mojang introduced us with Minecraft 1.19.40 and added new features and elements in the game. But, players still facing some issues in 1.19.40 Minecraft update, The present Minecraft 1.19.41 will fix a couple of these issues.

Minecraft 1.19.41 Patch Notes 2022

  • Fixed multiple issues related to joining realms
  • Fixed the brightness of the night sky when enabling RTX.
  • Players can once again spread items across an inventory grid when holding the “Place One” button with a controller.
  • Fixed an issue where players couldn’t scroll through the contents of Chests with touch controls.
  • Fixed some issues related to new skins

Added a Clear Cache button in Storage Settings for all platforms. This button clears contents of Marketplace folders (but not worlds) and might help alleviate issues downloading content.

Minecraft 1.19.41 New Hotfix Update

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Sweet Berry Bushes once again deal damage to players.

Prevent replacing terrain on Maps with black pixels as a result of Client Side generation.

Touch Controls
Fixed a bug that prevented scrolling through the Village trade list on mobile devices

User Interface
Temporarily reverted a change that linked Item Text Background with existing Text Background opacity slider in Accessibility Options

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The copy coordinates gamepad tooltip now uses the correct icon depending on the platform.

Temporarily reverted the changes to Dirt Path and Farmland collision changes, as well as Soul Sand and Mud blocks sinking while we iron out some bugs

Here is the latest Minecraft version 1.19.50 for you