Most Popular Online Games In 2022

Nowadays people spent half of their time in front of electronics and mostly most people play online games with the help of internet or any other network available. If you are curious to know what are the most popular online games in 2022 on internet. Then you are in the right place. Check the most popular online games List.

Most Popular Online Games In The World


PUBG is one of the most realistic online game it is one of the most popular game played in the world. In this game you can team up with 4 players and fight with other teams in chosen map. Teams with two match where 100 people will be there and they kill each other safely and wisely and players must stay alive at the end of the match. if they win the match they will receive “Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner” also you can play solo, duo or team.



2. Minecraft

Minecraft Is Most Popular Online Games In 2022. Minecraft is a video game it is a game with no specific goal you can do whatever you need to do, the games resolve around some people, animals. players needs to build something of blocks with help of ( woods, water stone trees, etc ) The game is one of the most adventurous game one the internet to play. In Minecraft there is endless game mods ore available for you. If you get bored of one mod you can play different and enjoy the experience.




3. GTA V

GTA V full form is Grand Theft Auto V. gta v is adventure game developed by Rockstar North that can be played on play station 4, play station 3, Xbox One, Play station 5, Xbox 360, Windows, ETC. In September 2022 Grand Theft Auto V was ranked 3 on popular streaming platform twitch based on 105 million hours watched. Note that GTA V is not for android, IOS or tablets. GTA V is a open world game where you can do wherever you want. This Game Is 2nd Most Popular Online Games In 2022.


most popular online games in the world


4. Roblox

Roblox was the number 1 pc game in September 2022, Based on the number of players. Roblox is sandbox game developed by roblox corporation that can be played on Xbox series, Windows, IOS, Android, ETC. The charm of roblox is that there an endless stream of variety and that there something for everyone. If you get bored of one game mode, you can hop into  any of the others for an altogether different experience.




5. Fortnite

Fortnite is also one of the Most Popular Online Games In 2022. Fortnite is a free to play Battle Royale game with numerous game modes for every type of player. If you are wondering about Fortnite size? If you are downloading it on your pc, it is roughly 26GB. You can also play Fortnite on android, tablets, IOS and Ipados. Fortnite Battle Royale is the completely free 100 players pvp mode in Fortnite. Fortnite is the always evolving, multiplayer game where you and your friends Play both Battle Royale and Fortnite Creative for free.


Most Popular Online Games In 2022 Fortnite

There are many others popular online games like Free Fire, Call of Duty, Apex Legends, Valorant, Fall Guys, ETC.