No 1 Editing Software for android

There are many software`s available for windows and mac, But hardly you will find editing software for android, If you do not have pc or laptop, not to worry here is the No 1 Editing Software for android.


Kine master is the best editing app for android users, If you do not have any pc or laptop, you only have a android or IOS device. Than you can use kinemaster for editing your photos or videos.

Kinemaster is No 1 Editing Software for android or you can say best editing app. there are many editing apps for android or ios but kinemaster ranks on the top.

No 1 Editing Software for android

What is Kinemaster?

Kinemaster is an app or software that allows you to edit your photos or videos in your android or ios device. as compared to other editing apps kinemaster is simple or easy to use. there is no doubt in my mind that kinemaster is No 1 Editing Software for android.

Features of kinemaster

Kinemaster offers you some cool and amazing features like, blur effect, transitions, 3d effects, higher resolution.


Kinemaster library contains many different types of transition like Shake it, fade through, ripple warp.

Higher resolutions

Kinemaster offers you higher resolution, you can export your videos at high resolution of 4k, 2k, 1080p. Note, That the video quality and resolution depends on you device. if your device do not support 4k you won`t get 4k option.


In Kinemaster you can enable unlimited layers option. It means you can use unlimited video layers while editing your videos.

Kinemaster store

Kinemaster have his own library and store where you can get unlimited transitions, effects, background effects, and many more.

No 1 Editing Software for android

Some common features of Kinemaster 

  • Multi layer video tools
  • various emoji and stickers video writing clip
  • saturation, opacity and contrast adjustment
  • trimming can be done to divide video into multiple parts
  • speeding up and slowing down can be done using speed control
  • transitions like 2d and 3dare there
  • you get chroma key option

Why Kinemaster is important?

Nowadays professional video-making thought has been raised in every one of us and if you are also thinking the same about making professional videos. Here is a very easy-to-use application that is Kinemaster.

It is a free way for all of us to edit the videos in an easy way. Because of its enhancing features that will make you edit videos without any complications. that way kinemaster is No 1 Editing Software for android.

No 1 Editing Software for android

Kinemaster other features

Kinemasters offers many features and here is few of them:

Blending mode:This feature can be very helpful for those who wish to edit videos for social media like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. This tool makes the video look more beautiful and effective.

Audio recording: Kinemaster give us very useful feature of audio recording, You can record your audio in kinemaster while editing you video. If you have to add some important information in your video than you can use this feature.

Chroma key: This is a very powerful tool. Through this tool, we can divide a single video into different parts and can also merge different parts of videos into one and make it one single video. The main thing is that you can remove the background from the video and insert another with ease.



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