Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Victory Road

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are the first truly open world pokemon game, going above and beyond to give trainers a new level freedom in how they approach their adventure. In this article to will learn about Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Victory Road.


Victory Road: Is a cave that is often filled with expert trainers that serves as the final test for pokemon Trainers before facing the elite four of a particular regain. There are various victory roads throughout the pokemon world. The pokemon you will find in victory roads are Zubat, Golbat, Machop, Machoke, Etc.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Victory Road

Is there a legendary pokemon in victory road?

Victory Road is the cave that connects to indigo plateau. This cave has multiples floors and is filled with wild pokemon and some of the strongest trainers in Kanto. This area also includes the Legendary Pokemon, Moltres.

How to complete Victory Road?

To complete Victory Road storyline in pokemon Scarlet and Violet, you need to defeat the eight Gym Leaders of the paldea region. Pokemon scarlet and violet feature three core mission strands, each with a number of objectives to complete. Note that you can tackle the objectives in any order you like, the choice is yours.

The Three core Missions
  • victory Road Pokemon gym and league: Beat the 8 Gyms and Challenge to become Champion.
  • Starfall Street Enemy Team: Team Star is this game`s rival team of Scallywags topple their bases to end their tyranny.
  • Path of Legends Hunt for the Titan: Help a friend to track down and defeat enormous Titan pokemon to unravel a mystery.

Best gym Order for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

  • Cortondo Gym – is a home for bug type pokemon Despite being found in the South Province (Area Two), the Cortondo gym leader Katy has the lowest-level Pokemon of the Gym Leaders in Scarlet and Violet
    • Nymble (Lv. 14)
    • Tarountula (Lv. 14)
    • Teddiursa (Lv. 15)
  • Artazon Gym – Artazon is is found in the East Province (Area One). It’s home to the Grass-type Gym,
    • Petilil (Lv. 16)
    • Smoliv (Lv. 16)
    • Sudowoodo (Lv. 17)
  • Levincia Gym – is a home for electric type pokemons and the leader is Live Streamer Iono and she can be found in Levincia, the seaside town that connects the green and rocky areas of the East Province (Area Three).
    • Wattrel (Lv. 23)
    • Bellibolt (Lv. 23)
    • Luxio (Lv. 23)
    • Mismagius (Lv. 24)
  • Cascarrafa Gym – is a home for water type pokemons, The Water-type Gym and its leader Kofu can be found in Cascarrafa, between the West Province (Area One) and West Province (Area Two), right next to the Asado Desert.
    • Veluza (Lv. 29)
    • Wugtrio (Lv. 29)
    • Crabominable (Lv. 30)
  • Medali Gym –  In the West Province (Area Three) you’ll find Larry, the Normal-type Gym Leader in the town of Medali.
    • Komala (Lv. 35)
    • Dudunsparce (Lv. 35)
    • Staraptor (Lv. 36)
  • Montenevera Gym – Montenevera can be found just north of the Glaseado Gym, in the Glaseado Mountains area of the map.
    • Mimikuy (Lv. 41)
    • Banette (Lv. 41)
    • Houndstone (Lv. 41)
    • Toxtricity (Lv. 42)
  • Alfornada Gym – You’ll find the Psychic Gym nestled in the South-West of the map, at the town of Alfornada.
    • Farigiraf (Lv. 44)
    • Espathra (Lv. 44)
    • Gardevoir (Lv. 44)
    • Florges (Lv. 45)
  • Glaseado Gym –  Found in the Glaseado Mountains region in the northern area of the map, Grusha heads up the Ice-type Gym,
    • Frosmoth (Lv. 47)
    • Beartic (Lv. 47)
    • Cetitan (Lv. 47)
    • Altaria (Lv. 44)

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