What is solitaire?

Solitaire is the collective term for hundreds of card games and activities requiring only one person. The game involves arranging a shuffled deck of cards into a specified order or tableau, no matter the variation.

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Origin Of Solitaire?

The origins of the game are a little hazy. one of the first documented references to the word “solitaire” was in a 17th century engraving featuring anne joulie de rohan chabot, princess soubise, playing solitaire. However, this was a different game as it used pegs instead of cards.

How to Play Solitaire

Classic solitaire, also known as klondike solitaire, is arguably the most popular form of solitaire today. Moreover, its the version you can find on nearly every Microsoft computer since 1990, further cementing its place in modern culture.

You will need a standard deck to play a classic solitaire game. The goal is to build the four suits into a foundation of aces.

Here`s how you play

1. Deal 28 cards in seven piles across your table. the first pile would have once card, the second one would have two, the third pile would have three, and so on. the top card on each pile stays facing up, while the others are face down cards. the rest of the cards will rest on a stock pile in your upper left.

2. The four aces in the deck will serve as the foundations that you place in a row above tour initial 28 cards as soon as they become available.

3. You can place any movable card on another one that is higher in rank and with the opposite color.

 4. If there is an empty space on the tableau, only a king can fill it.

5. The player may use the cards on the stock pile to help them build sequences.

6. You win after all the card are placed in the foundation.

How many versions of solitaire are there?

There are over 500 variations of solitaire. however more versions could be invented due to games simplicity and the many rule combinations one could make.