Top Video Games Of 2022

Video Games also known as computer games, are electronic games that involves interaction with a user interface or input device such as a joystick, controllers, keyboard, or motion sensing device to generate visual feedback.

 Top Video games Of 2022

  1. Core Keeper (windows PC)
  2. Pokemon Legends: Arceus (Nintendo Switch)
  3. Uncharted: Legacy of thieves (PlayStation 5)

Core Keeper

core keeper takes the bucolic charm of stardew valley and moves it deep underground. This years foremost steam breakout hit is a satisfying meld of all sorts of other fantasy homesteading simulators (Minecraft). Core keeper strikes a sublime balance between precarious dungeoneering and the cozy chores back home.

top video games of 2022


Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Pokemon didnt necessarily need to change. over the past three years, we recevied new editions in th primary series with sword and shield as well as remasters of two DS classics in Brilliant Diamond and Shinning Pearl. Pokemon Legends provides an alternative  timeline in which Nintendo stopped uber simplistic RPG trappings for something a little more substantial.I dont have to tell more about pokemon games, you already know how popular they get after releaseing.


Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves

Naughty Dog frequently rereleases its back catalogue, so it was no surprise that the great PS developer bundled Its PS4 Uncharted games in a package that coincides with mediocre film adaptation. The Legacy of Thieves is worth checking on the spiffy PS5. Its one of the most popular action games of the past ten years.



There are most video games which are popular worldwide Like Strange Horticulture, Rainbow 6 Extraction, etc.

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