Cortondo Gym – is a home for bug type pokemon  found in the South Province

Artazon Gym – Artazon is is found in the East Province (Area One). It’s home to the Grass-type Gym,

Levincia Gym – is a home for electric type pokemons and the leader is Live Streamer Iono and she can be found in Levincia

Cascarrafa Gym – is a home for water type pokemons, The Water-type Gym and its leader Kofu can be found in Cascarrafa

Medali Gym –  In the West Province you’ll find Larry, the Normal-type Gym Leader in the town of Medali

Montenevera Gym – Montenevera can be found just north of the Glaseado Gym, in the Glaseado Mountains area of the map.

Alfornada Gym – You’ll find the Psychic Gym nestled in the South-West of the map, at the town of Alfornada.

Glaseado Gym –  Found in the Glaseado Mountains region in the northern area of the map, Grusha heads up the Ice-type Gym